Amazing is a word I use to describe a lot. So much so that it has slightly lost is power for me. However I’m forced to really think about the word and its actual meaning. Is amazing a feeling or a thing? Is it tangible? Can you bottle the feeling and take it out on special occasions? Or is something you wait on, until the moment calls for it? What now would I categorise as amazing?

amazing 3

The above is the main definition of amazing I found. It is word that was supposed to be used to describe something astonishing or surprising. For instance I went to an amazing tap performance a few weeks ago at Sadler’s Wells. I had no idea what to expect but definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw. It was astonishing because I’ve never experienced movements and sounds like that.
That was technically the proper use of the word. The reason that amazement is known as amazement. However I found a few unofficial definitions of the word that I related to slightly more.
amazing 2

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and it has been amazing! Not only have I learnt so much about myself but I’ve gained so much confidence in my ability. I know a lot of my posts are me being quite down on myself but that’s how I develop. I can get my ass in gear when that swift kick to it comes from me. It is so hard to argue with yourself!
I have also connected with lots of people this way. It is a special kind of feeling when someone tells you they have read your words and completely relate. Even in those dark times I never feel alone. And that’s because of this! This blog and my time spent working on it was the first thing to pop in my head when reflecting on the word amazement. Amazement describes this whole experience.
I’ve often talked about my friends, family and boyfriend. They also pop in my head when I hear the word. I am fortunate to have such people in my life, I know many do not. So if want to describe them as amazing I should be able to.
‘Something that is so wonderful, it’s hard to find words to match’ – that’s the best description of my girls I ever did see!

Then there was this…

This was my favourite definition because of how much I disagree.

Amazing is an adjective that means something different to everyone. You decide what your feelings are about this word and what you associate with it.
Much like me it may invoke different memories. Amazement might describe something you achieved, something you are lucky enough to have or something that truly astonishes you. Who’s to say?
It’s a word that cannot be struck out, it has so many beautiful connotations.

If you are blessed enough to have something in your life that is amazing, you can describe it how you please.

Stay Bliss, Laura IMG_1369

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