A tad about me

My name is Laura and I am 24.

me at wedding

Ever since I left university a year ago I have experienced a variety of emotions. I found a forum like this where I could vent about my issues and proud moments felt therapeutic. This is why I have created Stay Bliss. In my short 24 years of life I keep discovering new ways of coping with my emotions and staying positive. This is a place where I can share what I know, what I learn and hopefully hear from you about your experiences.

I have a point to prove to myself. I feel that I am hard-working and committed individual so I’m testing myself with this blog. This has been something I wanted for a long time, a place that I could call mine and get off whatever is on my chest. So I am going to commit to this, giving my advice/tips and sometimes just letting off some steam all here on Stay Bliss.


stay bliss starts
Here we go…


21/02/17 – It has been a year since I created Stay Bliss. What a difference being able to document and process my feelings this way has made! Reading the above about me section makes me laugh. Mainly because there isn’t much in there about me! I had so much to prove to myself, to my friends, family and to the world about who I was and what I am capable.

So who am I? I am girl who loves to laugh, cook (and eat), work and socialise. I am someone who has gone through many changes recently which has given me the deepest love for the things that remain. I am someone who is self-critical, who is forever battling idleness and whose friends and family mean the world to her. I am someone who has been changed by the most strangest moments and have now started on a path of positivity. I am someone who once was a sceptic until seeing what a difference Stay Bliss has made to my life. I am someone who is wise in many ways and still childish in others. I am Laura and I love who am I. I couldn’t say that once upon time. My happiness is an inside job and it’s the job I work hardest at.






Stay Bliss, Laura




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