A tad about me

My name is Laura and I am 24.

me at wedding

Ever since I left university a few years ago I have experienced a variety of emotions. I found a forum like this where I could vent about my issues and proud moments felt therapeutic. This is why I have created Stay Bliss. In my short 24 years of life I keep discovering new ways of coping with my emotions and staying positive. This is a place where I can share what I know, what I learn and hopefully hear from you about your experiences.

I have a point to prove to myself. I feel that I am hard-working and committed individual so I’m testing myself with this blog. This has been something I wanted for a long time, a place that I could call mine and get off whatever is on my chest. So I am going to commit to this, giving my advice/tips and sometimes just letting off some steam all here on Stay Bliss.

I have just made a note on my calendar, to write a post and revisit this post in a year to see what has changed. Hopefully a lot for the better.

stay bliss starts
Here we go…


Please come on this journey with me. And expect a recipe or two along the way…

Stay Bliss, Laura


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